New Experimental Linux ARM 64 (raspberry pi 5/4) Version Available!

We are excited to announce that an experimental build for Raspberry Pi 5/4 is now available in the downloads section. Please note that this version is experimental and may contain bugs.

We strongly recommend using this build on a Raspberry Pi 5 running Raspbian ARM64. Support for ARMHF is not available and will not be provided in the future.

On a Raspberry Pi 5, users can achieve stable 60fps performance. While the GPU of the Raspberry Pi 5 is quite powerful, it does have its limitations. To ensure optimal performance, try to avoid having many windows open simultaneously while using the emulator.

For Raspberry Pi 4 users, we recommend setting the desktop resolution to 720p and disabling shaders with the -ns parameter for smoother performance, due to the limitations of the RPi4’s GPU.

Although I have not tested it personally, I have received reports that it works well on other ARM 64 boards such as the Orange Pi. You will need a distribution that is at least as modern as Debian 11.

Additionally, this build has been tested and proven to work well in virtual machines using Parallels on macOS with Apple Silicon processors.

Below are the known issues for this build:

Please consider this version as entirely experimental, and its functionality is not guaranteed.

We encourage you to report any bugs or issues you encounter. You can find the contact email in the contact section on our website.

Thank you, and enjoy the new build!